domingo, 26 de outubro de 2008

I surrender!

If you told me that the issue of troubles consists in going the other way around of our thoughts and feelings,then i would ask you to look upon me and to carry me trough the way.
The thing is that for some unknow reason we still here,stucked not even knowing where to turn,not even feeling as breathing ,anymore.
At the end of the day what we had as secure is no longer available,is no longer consistent.
For i have seen the light itself and i found myself in a place where i didn't care about returning to the same boring life,i founf myself in a place where i was filled with good feelings.
Never found myself as secure,as safe,as confortable,as in peace as i felt while i was in that particular place that i kindly call: Heaven.
Have you ever felt in Heaven!?Do you even know how it feels to be abandoned in Heaven with the lovely thought that nothing can crush you down!?Have you ever feel like surrendering  yourself to everything you kept on escaping from!?At the end of the day,it's all worthy!Have you ever felt like there's an angel watching your back?Have you ever felt like being able to talk to those angels who are only there to lift you up before you fall into the ruthless ground!?You can walk through storms and still you are aware of their presence right there.I wish you can find it somehow,sometime,somewhere,in some areas the same light i have found because that will set you free!
I've been shut up,shut down,held on,held down in a ways i never though i would but i can feel the fullness in my life...

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